Driven by a Passion
to Change Lives

Committed to developing world-class, category-changing
skincare products, we are an over-the-counter consumer
healthcare company focused on bringing innovative
solutions to chronic diseases.

About Us

Tremotyx™ Biomedical Lab has extensive experience in pharmaceutical product development with a focus on dermatology. We specialize in inflammatory skin diseases and have a passion for helping people gain control of their health.

Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver truly transformational results using best healthcare products and the most innovative technology and science.

Our Approach

Tremotyx Biomedical Lab began with our own patented stem cell therapy discovery. We take a holistic and innovative approach. Building on our own successful stem cell technology, we were able to develop treatment systems to achieve better results and improved health outcomes. Our products are science based, clinically tested and manufactured to the highest quality pharmaceutical standards.

These are the things
that keep us going.

  • Helping our customers staying Eczema-free
  • Giving the best care and support to our customers
  • Partnering with Eczema support groups and advocates
  • Developing a customer centric culture

With Love From Houston and Paris