Tremotyx Eczema Treatment

(729 customer ratings)


  • Stops Eczema Flare-ups in Just 24 Hours
  • 2X Faster Recovery Than Regular OTC Creams
  • Repairs Top and Inner Layers of Your Skin
  • Free of Fragrance, Steroids, Hydrocortisone and Parabens
  • Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee



*Results of double blind testing:
All subjects using the “real” formulation obtained significant improvement and/or control when compared with the placebo. After several applications these results showed an increased improvement and reduction of the plaque formation and Eczema symptoms.

Product Description: Topical Cream, 30mL / 1 fl. oz. tube.

Usage: Use daily to stop itching, redness, scaling, and flaking associated with Eczema.

Note: This is NOT a subscription or recurring purchase. Most customers only need one tube to treat mild-to-moderate Eczema. We are so sure that your will find this product effective in minimizing the topical symptoms of Eczema, that we back it with a full 60-Day money-back guarantee.


  1. Gail Spinks (verified purchase)

    I’ve suffered from eczema for the last few years, with extra flare ups from stress. Steroids helped at first, but didn’t want to continue using them due to the side effects, particularly skin thinning. I gave Tremotyx a shot. This is a great OTC alternative. It takes a few days to see results, but I was very very pleasantly surprised. Helps to let it absorb and then follow up with a regular moisturizer on top. The itching is gone and skin texture and redness is very significantly improved. No downside—just try it! Low cost is a plus. Will most definitely repurchase.

  2. Mary R. Howard (verified purchase)

    This is my first buy of Tremotyx. It was recommended to me by a dermatologist friend. I have tried using for 2 days and my eczema seems improvement. I will keep using and considering to buy more soon.

  3. Gayle Young (verified purchase)

    We’ve tried Tremotyx on a bumpy skin rash my 6 year old had on her arm and this works better than over the counter cortisone, also, I have a dry eczema spot on my nose and this works well for that too. So, I like it, and will keep using it. I would recommend it.

  4. Shirley W. Hardison (verified purchase)

    Tremotyx cleared up my babys skin and stopped him from itching after only a few days. I even purchased it a second time.

  5. Brandi Rook (verified purchase)

    I meant to this review sooner. Am I happy with this product? No, I’m ecstatic, the name should be changed to “Tremotyx Magic Healing Cream”. I ordered it because I had an allergic reaction to something that made me break in hives that resulted in intense itching. I found this product on Facebook and was impressed by the reviews, if it had worked half as good as the reviews stated, I would have been happy. As I stated before, this stuff works like magic. Because of the natural and essential oils in this product, it can be used to soften the skin whether or not you have a skin condition. The only reason that I’m giving this product 5 stars is because that’s the maximum amount I’m able to give.

  6. Hilda Loucks (verified purchase)

    I was finally diagnosed with lupus 2 years ago despite having Eczema with dry, red, itchy skin on my face for approx. 4 years. THIS ABSOLUTELY WORKS!! Sorry for shouting but I LOVE this stuff! I have to be very careful as my skin reddens in the sun and dries and flakes if if I don’t moisturize but I use this just twice a day and the dry skin is no more. I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but it definitely works for me! Thank you for a quality product! The only problem is the tube is a bit small.

  7. Dorothy Hendricks (verified purchase)

    My son has had eczema on his face for as long as I can remember. I had a friend suggest Tremotyx and it’s amazing. Lightning fast shipment.

  8. Ethel E. Williams (verified purchase)

    I initially used this lotion on my baby girl due to her eczema. Now I use this lotion on all my family members. It’s cheaper than steroid cream and maybe works better for itching-free.

  9. Janette Cole (verified purchase)

    I had a rash, maybe eczema, on the back of my hand that I just couldn’t get to clear up but I’ve use this for just a couple of days and it was so much better and after a week it’s cleared up. It’s also helped with eczema behind my ears. I am older so skin is sensitive and this works great. My hands are soft even after all the washing of my hands after the holiday cooking. My husband says his hands feel much better after the cold he tends to get chapped. Little grandson dries out so easily but I’ve using on him and he doesn’t itch like he did. I like this!! Has a nice texture not greasy at all.

  10. Regina Smith (verified purchase)

    I was taking the natural approach, and changed all my soaps and detergents, but I still had eczema all over my body. I tried Tremotyx and the spots noticeably began to fade, they are almost gone so I need one more tube. It is small, but worth it for me.

  11. Ann Sanchez (verified purchase)

    This really helps my husband. I rub Tremotyx on his back at the first sign of the deep needled pricking itch and he gets instant relief. Nothing works for him as well as this product. I just have to be sure and ordered during cold weather because it melted in the shipping when I ordered in the summer, so I get plenty to not have to order during warmer weather.

  12. Andrew (verified purchase)

    Tremotyx has already started to heal my skin in tremendous ways. My Eczema was becoming pretty severe so I was hoping that my order would arrive sooner rather than later. It arrived in 2 days. I was very happy with that.

  13. Victoria Roberson (verified purchase)

    Tremotyx is quite effective for my husband dry skin spots. It rubs into the skin well, without staying on top of the skin. It also stays on the spots where he wants it, and is starting to heal those spots. The shipping was good, and the product arrived at our house in a timely manner. We are happy with everything to do with this product and the store that sells it.

  14. Nellie Christian (verified purchase)

    Great results. My son suffered from eczema and i am happy with the results after application of this product.I will highly recommend this to others.

  15. Celia Frank (verified purchase)

    I agree that Tremotyx is a blessing find. My feet and hands were both cracked and red and sore to the touch,very unsightly and uncomfortable. This cream is not greasy it absorbs into the skin and the healing can be seen the very first night.

  16. Nate Johnson (verified purchase)

    My eczema had reached a fiery, itchy stage, and Tremotyx cream soothed it and cooled it. It felt very refreshing. However, after two weeks of use the rash still exhibited a dark red tinge on my forearms. Yet, the itching and burning did not return.

  17. Karen (verified purchase)

    Can’t get along without this wonderful product! I have dermatitis and this is just the best nonprescription item I’ve found.

  18. Connie Boyer (verified purchase)

    Great product for my sensitive skin. I break out every summer and this creme works amazing and I apply it daily to prevent the outbreaks I love it!

  19. Ruby Parker (verified purchase)

    I have just recently ordered my second batch of Tremotyx. I am so impressed with the product. I have suffered with eczema my whole life and have had mixed results with a number of different products. I have always searched for a natural and non-steroidal product that works. I am happy to say that I have finally found a product and it is called Tremotyx. My three year old son also suffers from eczema on his face and I have begun using the product on him. His eczema has improved dramatically in just a few days. I truly hope more people will find this product and give it a try.

  20. Nancy Eldridge (verified purchase)

    I used this medication when I have eczema flare-ups. It seems to relieve the itch sometimes. I use it sparingly because it is relatively expensive. I would recommend it as a natural alternative to hydrocortisone creams.

  21. Kathy T. Randolph (verified purchase)

    This is a wonderful product! I have an 8 month old that had eczema on most of her body, it was very bad and I was at the point I did not know what to do. I tried many different products that were safe for children and nothing would work. After searching google, I came across Tremotyx and decided to try it as it looked promising. After applying it to my daughter I seen an improvement almost immediately. The cream has a very different texture compared to other products I have used. In about a week the eczema was pretty much gone.


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